There is a chance you can get COVID-19 in the community so also there is a slight chance you can get COVID-19 by going to a hospital.

However there are numerous steps we at Bombay City Eye Institute & Research Centre have taken to prevent the spread of this disease.

Thermal screening

All personnel entering the premise are screened. If their body temperature is found high, they are referred to the local COVID hospital immediately.

No mask - no entry

In accordance with Government rules, nobody is allowed to go outside their house without a mask. Needless to say, if anyone shows up without wearing one, they are sent back.

Strict one attendant policy

Patients are encouraged to come by themselves. Maximum one attendant is allowed with the patient. Children and elderly are discouraged to be brought as attendants.

Hand disinfection at point of entry

Before entering the hospital premise, patients and their attendant wash their hands with the handrub which is provided.

Declaration form

We ask our patients of symptoms, previous travel and proximity to a COVID affected/suspect person. This morally screens patients and prevents a known suspect from entering the hospital.

Social distancing in the hospital

Patients are seated apart from each other. Seats that are ‘crossed’ are not to be sat upon. This prevents crowding at the hospital.

Staggered and fewer appointments

This enables quicker patient checkups and lessens crowding at the hospital.

Our staff and doctors wear a face shield

In addition to a mask, this acts as an additional barrier to the spread of infection.

Our doctors wash hands between examinations

Our patient examination machines have shields

The shields act as a barrier for spread of infection

Our machines are disinfected between examinations

Anything that comes close to your eye is either disposed or disinfected after every investigation

We disinfect all surfaces with 1% Sodium Hypochlorite every 2 hours

We maintain a clean workplace

Fogging of the hospital premise is done weekly

Please remember Its important to us to keep our healthcare workers healthy to continue the highest levels of service to you