Donate Vision

24 Hour Response
for Eye Donation call
Bombay City Eye Institute & Research Centre
2369 - 3937 (EYES)
98-2000 - 3937 (EYES)


What you can do

A - Pledge your eyes

Pledge is a statement that conveys your wish to have your eyes donated upon your death. This pledge can to be made with Navnit Shah Eye Bank.
Eye can be donated even if they have not been pledged earlier

B - Involve your family

According to Indian law the final decision for corneal removal is with the custodians of the deceased body. It is therefore very important to inform your near and dear once of your wish. The pledge card that you will receive from Navnit Shah Eye Bank will serve as a reminder for your family and you must keep it in a place, that is visible by everyone.

C - Tell others about eye donation

The NAVNIT SHAH EYE BANK at Bombay City Eye Institute & Research Center is a member of the Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI), which is one of India's leading Non-Goverment Organisations.

It is recognised by Directorate of Health Service, Govt. of Maharashtra

What you need to do?

If there is a death in your family or friend circle, motivate the family and call the nearest Eye bank. Get the death certificate from a physician.

The donor need not be taken to the eye bank. The Eye Bank team will come to take the eyes wherever the donor is, at no cost.

  • Switch off fans or A/Cs.
  • Place wet cotton / cloth over the closed eyelids.
    It will keep the eye balls moist.
  • Raise head with a pillow