Donate Vision

24 Hour Response
for Eye Donation call
Bombay City Eye Institute & Research Centre
2369 - 3937 (EYES)
98-2000 - 3937 (EYES)

Eye Banking

The Eye Bank team carefully removes the eyes without disfiguring the face.

Although it is only the corneas that are finally used, the entire eye is removed and transported in special containers
10cc. of blood sample is collected from the donor's body for testing.

  • The eyes will be evaluated by trained eye bank staff.
  • The cornea is used for transplantation to the patient's eye by a trained corneal surgeon.
  • Eye Banks are non-profit organisations and the retrieved corneas are supplied to qualified corneal surgeons.
  • The patients are called in accordance with the waiting list. Emergency cases are dealt with in conformity with guidelines.
  • Money can't buy eyes. It is gift only you can give, The gift of sight