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Information about Eye Donation

In a world of complete darkness, just the ability of seeing a loved one can be nothing more than dream.

Out of the 15 million Indians in the dark due to blindness, 3 million suffer due to corneal blindness: 60% of whom are children. The major causes for this are infection, injuries, malnutrition, congenital disorders etc. Over the past 50 years, "Corneal Transplantation Surgery" is being performed in our country, which has a high success rate. However, the important requisite for this surgery is availability of high quality donor cornea. Unfortunately, eye donation is uncommon in our country.

Why is Eye Donation Important?

In past, People were unaware of blood donation. They were gradually educated, convinced and started donating voluntarily. Similarly, we should convince people that after our death, our organs could be of use to someone to lead a normal and happy life.

People are generally afraid to think about the happenings after death. Even if the deceased has given the consent for donating his eyes, the family members may not realize the necessity of fulfilling his word as profound grief and sorrow overwhelms the bereaved family. There is no shortage of potential donors. All that is needed is a timely request and quick eye collection service.

Eye donation allows each one a chance to perform social good. It costs us nothing and makes no demand on our time. Our eyes, that we burn or bury after death, can be recycled into priceless gift of vision for millions of our corneally blind citizens.

Facts about Eye Donation

Anyone of any age can donate eyes

Spectacle wearers and people suffering from diabetics, hypertensives, asthma etc. can also donate eyes. Patients who have undergone cataract surgery can also donate eyes.

Eye donation gives sight to two corneally blind persons. The process of removing the eye is called enucleation.

Eye can be donated even if they have not been pledged earlier.

About Navnit Shah Eye Bank (NSEB)

Navnit Shah Eye Bank is a not-for- profit organisation committed to the noble cause of eye donation since its inception in 2000.

The spectrum of eye banking related activities undertaken by NSEB includes:

  • Public awareness programs about eye donation
  • Collection of corneal tissue from donors

Till date NSEB has collected 336 eyeballs

Distribution of donor tissues for use in corneal transplant surgery
Training of postgraduate students and fellows