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D star frequencies

2 kHz shift above the carrier frequency and a logic 0 (zero) causing a 1. 13. 1000 Digital Code Squelch CSQL use #13 as a D-Star simplex frequency at Hamvention®. 430MHz(GI43) JA8 Omaha Area Amateur Radio Repeaters. D-Star Digital Amateur Radio (Ham) Icom is leading the way with our range of D-Star digital Amateur (Ham) radios. radio users who utilize and scanner hobbyists who listen to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Industrial/Business pool frequencies. The uplink is 437. 525 MHz for D-Star. Monthly, Tom collects the activity reports from the Northern Florida ARES Net (NFAN), the Statewide Amateur Radio Network (SARnet), and data for the Public Service Honor Roll for ARRL.

ham bands above 50Mhz. 10000 154. 630, 7. Chat. 5khz, but 6. DMR Coverage - Coverage is available from the W8AK repeater. Presets. C.

The networking aspects of System Fusion remains to be unveiled, but it is possible that the linking and networking of an increasing number of repeaters will be implemented in a manner similar to the reflectors that support D-STAR. 7 100. Verified area NOAA weather frequencies Verified Dallas Police & Fire frequencies Dallas Area Rapid Transit, DART Railroad frequencies Transportation Frequencies U. 5), as well as our D-Star repeater. In the D-STAR world, this technology is called "Reflectors" (transmissions are reflected to all repeaters linked to the reflector), while DMR calls it "Talkgroups" and System Fusion calls it "Rooms. 600, but it's not good to just pick a frequency in that range at random. 670, so I programmed that into my radios. D-Star One is a 3U CubeSat which is equipped with four identical radio modules with D-Star capabilities, all being operated in a half-duplex mode.

FA Knight Kit Star Roamer II (Two) Solid State version of the Famous Star Roamer. D-Star Amateur Radio Systems, your source for D-Star Digital Amateur Radio D-Star Repeater Directory Click on a repeater's callsign to view the profile in detail. W8DIG /A - 23 CM Digital Voice, 1285. USA The CODEC that D-Star users is the only proprietary portion of the D-Star design. If all of the repeater pairs are in use then get on the waiting list; just as analog repeater owners do. 8 Watsonville (linked to K6BJ) K6BJ 440. Our Club meets once a month - on the second Tuesday of the month - meetings are held at the Rome Senior Center, 406 Riverside Parkway, Rome, GA . Live TV from 70+ channels.

775 (-) tone 146. D-Star Site Status 1/1/19 KC0TQI East Ramsey County, CANADA LOGGING & RESOURCE ROAD FREQUENCIES Page 1 / 12 APPENDICES Nunavut only, excluding a 90 km radius of Strathmore, Alberta. 400-146. 14567. Purpose of this page: Amateur radio has long been faced with the adoption of newer technologies: It can be argued that innovation and experimentation are some of the main purposes for the existence of amateur radio. 380, 24. S. I wish Mike all the best you made the net a success and ran the best VHF/UHF voice net I ever was involved with.

67 Mhz Wide Area Emergency Minnesota Amateur Radio Disaster Data Network . D-Star trails behind them, If you are on the fringe and get some packet loss D-Star like the other modes puts out something unintelligible (called by Many R2D2). Links. Simplex D-Star Activity in Australia: The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) Band Plan has nominated a series of frequencies in the 2m, 70cm and 23cm amateur radio bands for Simplex D-Star activity in Australia. 550 UHF 70 CM SARS Repeater 444. Repeater Frequencies. 700 MHz for telemetry and 435. There is Digital Voice with low speed data on 2Meters, 70CM and 1.

The radio module DVMEGA VHF & UHF, designed to work with a Raspberry Pi card (not included) or Bluestack Micro+ (not included), to make it a digital hotspot in GMSK mode for 144 to 148 Mhz and 430 to 450 Mhz. Then use the Import menu on your radio. TCARA Repeater Information All repeaters are open, available for use by the entire amateur community. D-RATS also provides for transferring of files and forwarding of messages from one user to another, automatically. (LAD-1) 154. Can we use our Techs on HF? HF 80 Meters 3950 40 Meters 7254 ( new frequency) 20 Meters 14325 10 Meters 28350 VHF 6 Meters 52. 070, 14. D-Star - Separate TX RX frequencies Post by Bob_K6UDA » Sun Oct 23, 2016 12:47 am Wondering if there is an advantage to using different transmit and receive frequencies in D-Star mode? Frequencies Question - In a declared emergency any frequency can be used.

Not all frequency coordinators have web sites. These are the Omaha frequencies that I have stored in my radios. ). Traveling to a land without D-STAR? No problem just pick up a DVAP. 7900*, 145. 945- PL 94. Always listen first to avoid interfering with another QSO. This Net meets here on this KCØDS VHF, module C, repeater each 2nd and 4th Monday after the regular BCARES Net at 8:30pm.

600 and 147. 43 -1. Finally a commercially available legal crossband repeater! With proper callsign programming in any D-STAR compatible mobile or portable, the Icom D-STAR repeaters will automatically route your signal to any other RF module connected to a common RP2. With the introduction on the Icom 7100 and the Icom 9100 radios there seems to be more and more radio hams are trying Dstar on the HF bands. Radio Programming . You see the D710 is capable of receiving on two frequencies, or channels, at the same time. (*are commonly After all the modules were received, work began on assembling the modules into a rack cabinet as efforts were underway in obtaining coordinated repeater frequencies from T-MARC. Icom Software Would anyone be kind enough to post a list of FM simplex channel frequencies for 2m and 70cm as I cant seem to find a list.

Users Logged In. com Net Information - GA ARES Georgia ARES holds a weekly training and information net on 3. 150 MHz Module A: 1247. 125 simplex and runs about 20 watts. There also plans for putting a 900 MHz repeater on the air. D-STAR - Digital GATEWAY IS OPERATIONAL Dongle & DVAP Friendly!! There are now 7 D-STAR systems (10 repeaters) on the air in the state of Indiana (Indianapolis, Lafayette, Fishers, Muncie, Marion, Bloomington and Fort Wayne. In California, there are 25 specific simplex frequencies listed on the band plan, and only one not recommended for "extended" use, the National Calling Frequency 146. If desired, you can manually link them to the same DPLUS reflector to get the same effect.

hams to create many new developments with D-Star that will be discussed later. We are happy to host D-Star registrations for hams in the region. 330 (-) no tone (Shawsville) (K3HT) (coverage map) 146. Knight Kit Star Roamer II (TWO) model, not the common star roamer. Shortly after becoming operational, the D-Star repeater was connected to the internet via an internet gateway, allowing the club's D-Star system to converse with other D-Star repeaters located throughout the world. No cable box required. These are repeaters in our area. – Repeater supports (1) QSO.

The quality of the D-Star voice signal is very similar to that of FM voice. The Dayton gateway W8RTL^^B will be linked to D-Extra X-Reflector XRF038C during Hamvention weekend. You can have the radio set-up as VHF/UHF, or VHF/VHF, or UHF/UHF. 0750, 433. We thank the Boulder D-Star Group and the Boulder-Broomfield County ARES for the use of this repeater system. Here in Vegas we have an issue with some putting up All Star nodes on simplex but having an antenna on a 50 foot tower. The 146. 725 Plumas National Forest 170.

000 - 144. Frequency Search by State. AAR Railroad frequencies U. Frequencies . For those of you who have d-star or are thinking of trying d-star. WWARA will record their A band plan refers to a voluntary division of a band to avoid interference between incompatible modes. , Yukon, NWT and Nunavut only, excluding Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley west of Hope and Vancouver Island south of Nanaimo, B. Most locations and sometimes all are connected together via REF 24B.

925+ PL 123. D-Star 2m simplex calling frequency (144. Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference for King County, Washington (WA) Say Yes To D-Star : by K0VH on May 18, 2013 : Mail this to a friend! Our local club put up a 440 DStar repeater a couple years back and I was curious how it all worked, mainly because I like to try a new ham radio "thing" every year after over 45 years of hamming. 150 (+) tone 131. There are many ways to program your D-STAR radio for easy and convenient use. In the event of an emergency, we ask that you please stand by and allow all emergency communications first. Unlimited DVR storage space. However, D-Star takes longer to recover when that happens than the other modes.

975 MHz LSB, every Sunday afternoon at 22:00 UTC (5:00 PM local time during Eastern Standard Time (winter) and 6:00 PM local time during Eastern Daylight Time (summer)). D-RATS is a communications tool that allows stations to communicate via D-STAR radios using low speed data (DV data mode), Packet Radio and the Internet. Enter frequency Select state(s) to search some of these frequencies as repeater inputs in some areas. 400-147. Dennis, You might not know about this, but all of that WON'T work in Texas either. It is a homebrew repeater using analog radios and spare parts. How to use the above . 5 License.

It is located on the South Peak of Mount Diablo in Concord, California, about 30 miles northeast of San Francisco. Common VHF/UHF FM Simplex Frequencies BY N4UJW. 000 MHz +12 MHz The DR Channels are special memories of the radio used for quick manual D-STAR setup from the radio’s face. If you have a Icom ID-5100 radio you can import the csv file from the memory card: copy the . 487. Resources listed under D-STAR category belongs to Operating Modes main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. 2 kHz shift below the carrier frequency. Greg, VK4VBU in Longreach outback Queensland has completed his D-Star Hotspot that will service the town and surrounding area.

This video was capture from the PC, there’s a little bit of echo, sorry about that. 790- PL 94. All other parts of D-Star are open which has allowed U. csv file into the folder "RptList" that you will find in the "Csv" folder. simplex frequencies operate on time-slot 1 and use color code 1. 2 (Forest Hill) (KC3FHC) 444. This article will give you the suggested and recommended simplex frequencies that are set aside for simplex operation and should help you understand how to operate simplex on the upper ham bands D-Star frequencies in the Netherlands Abraham van den Berg, PB0AOK - VERON's VHF manager, has clarified the D-Star issue in the Netherlands. 3 Madison Repeater 442 Florida Traffic Nets UTC Madison Schedule NET Frequency 1055 0655 Daily Satellites for which frequencies that have not yet been coordinated or owners who are unwilling to publish telemetry information.

0 Santa Cruz (not linked) ** Under construction ** Bainbridge Island. Reports are generally taken at the end of the net. There does not appear to be any general consensus. Transmit audio is higher, and you can set the bandwidth to 6. 10000 Licensed mobiles, B. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2. Location: 49° 52' 45" N 119° 27' 37" W. The D-Star system consists of three voice repeaters on the 2m, 70cm and 23cm bands, together with 23cm data equipment.

The OUFTI-1 D-STAR CubeSat team have released the format of the CW telemetry beacon and a Decoder App. DSTAR PIZZA Party at Orlando Ham Fest on Friday nite, 630pm at CiCi Pizza. The WA7DRE D-STAR repeater and gateway is an authentic ICOM repeater and G2 gateway system complete with DPlus addons for linking to other DPlus gateways Reference for VHF/UHF amateur radio FM simplex frequencies for 6 Meter / 2 Meter / 1. Off the top of my head, none of these frequencies conflict with any of the Savannah repeater inputs. . ) by clicking the arrowhead symbols at the top of the desired sorting column. 130, 18. It is untrue that the Dutch administration is thinking about D-Star repeaters operating in the 437-438 MHz band.

Pi-Star is a comprehensive solution that supports not only DMR, but also D-star, System Fusion, P25, and NXDN. D-RATS; DV Dongle Users; DV Simplex Frequencies; HOW-TO: Easily configure your radio to our D-STAR system; Repeater The business band is the name used by U. Resources. RSGB EMERGING TECHNOLOGY CO-ORDINATION COMMITTEE ukrepeaters DV Repeater List D-star seems few between here but I am not a VHF man. Calling Channels for JOTA. 060MHz(HI43) (+5MHz shift) JP2YGA Yaotsu, Gifu DV:439. KB1SYV has Tons of info for Amateur Radio operators who are looking for solar and space weather data, and links to other sites that provide more detailed data. SIMPLEX Channels: 441.

The Digital Voice Acces Point is a small tranceiver to interface your computer and D-STAR radio with the D-STAR network. This is not a complete guide to the Omaha/Metro area, of course! If you see something missing let me know! Star 107. Downlink frequencies are 435. 8 (Havre Read More Related wiki pages Slow-Scan Television (SSTV), Bands, Modes, Fast-Scan Television (ATV). 73 all. 385 Riverside County Fire/CDF Fire Dispatch 151. org Alternate programming method for certain ICOM radios with the DR mode The method described on the other page can be used on all ICOM radios, but consumes many memory slots. 325 MHz.

Many hams cannot seem to understand why some of us will swoon over dualband transceivers that cost hundreds more than simpler models, and insist on being able to listen on more than one frequency at a particular time (often with two conversations blaring from the speakers at the same time). There is no GMRS data on this site. In April 2008, the club's new D-Star system was on the air. The D-Star repeaters use the callsign VE6KM and are co-located with the VE6HM analogue repeaters. Please feel free to use the repeaters as they are open repeaters for all licensed Amateurs. ratflector. Missouri Digital Group provides D-Star Amateur radio repeater systems that serve the St. This technology is in the early stages of deployment in the U.

Amateur Radio Frequency Coordinators Below are lists containing the regional frequency coordinator web sites, some of which contain public repeater listings or databases. 520 Public Service Frequencies Butte County Butte County Fire dispatch 151. I learned a lot listening to this net and I'm going to miss the discussions. 6 software update, DSTAR HF is even better. This is the new D-Star radio from Kenwood, the TH-D74. The one frequency that keeps popping up is 145. We encourage any visiting hams to try to call for W7YH on the repeater and stop by our shack in EME 207. D-Star channels do not have to be programmed here before being saved to memory.

D-STAR Deployments Not surprisingly, D-STAR usage took off first in Japan, with an unknown number of 1. . D-Star ONE Phoenix is a 3U CubeSat equipped with four identical radio modules with D-Star capability, operating in half-duplex mode with a power output of 800 mW. The regulations listing frequencies in this pool are contained in Subpart C of Part 90, Title 47 of the CFR The use of these frequencies for D-Star operation, whether for simplex or repeater inputs, may impact FM simplex and repeater operations and their selection should be carefully considered. No Connection to D-STAR Network repeaters JP3YES Nada-ward, Kobe DV:434. D-STAR on HF Test Net • Monitor REF030C for Net Control and to coordinate frequencies. Check the repeater directory in your area to see if any such repeaters are present. Those that I have talked to either say they like it for the little data capacity, or they don't want to pay the cost for the feature so they don't buy radios with it.

The Radio Reference Database (United States) Search Identified Frequencies. Auburn Hills, MI. 5khz or 25khz spacing. Simplex Operation and Frequencies for U. On VHF, we feed a Decibel Products DB 224 that was donated to the Club. csv file with your Icom D-Star radio. The Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts amateur radio club was created to provide the reqiuired club callsign and help get the word out about our repeater, and also to help people to use it. 5 Our 6m repeater is on 53.

Also like D-STAR, the sound of digital voice is similar, although most users feel the clarity and fidelity of D-STAR data is frequency-shift keyed with a logic 1 (one) causing a 1. Guidelines for Amateur Radio Operators JOTA is a spectacular opportunity to introduce Scouts to amateur radio. All frequencies are shown as megahertz. We do however ask that you follow all rules set by the FCC. Use your ICOM 9100/7100, STAR Boarded non DSTAR HF, or the DSTAR box from NC. APCO P-25 Repeaters. 595 (simplex) (NEMARC) 146. For many, this will be their first exposure to the world of ham radio.

25 Meter Local Contact Frequencies Simplex* 223. As with all amateur radio frequencies they are a shared resource. UPDATES TO THIS Analysis and recommendations of channel spacing for D-Star operations on the VHF, UHF, and 23cm amateur bands. Your D-STAR radio transmits to the DVAP which then takes your traffic and sends it out over the D-STAR network. D-Star VHF repeater to the existing D-Star UHF machine that was recently converted. Access Point mode allows you to provide a local “hotspot” to enable another radio to access the ICOM D-STAR network through the ID-4100. Callsign Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio is a curation of 49 resources about , IRC D-STAR, D-Star Yahoo Groups, D-Star on YouTube, D-Star, D-PRS Message Calculator. 050 CW/EME A shining star when it comes to both his record-breaking solo tracks, as well as a plethora of collaborations with the industry’s most promising vocalists and producers alike, Lost Frequencies Repeaters RARC club repeater.

Use the information of the special D-STAR Calculator in the Programmer to change the list to include those repeaters you use. 2-GHz D-STAR repeaters on the air, all operated by the JARL. With the 1. 32500 By having the ability to add an open source firmware to the radio, hams would be able to completely redesign the operation of the radio, allowing for an improved user experience, support for multiple digital modes, such as D-STAR, P25, System Fusion, the ability to turn it into a multi-mode digital scanner, plus much more. (Note: The D*STAR repeaters are not linked together by default. For ‘Truth Never Lies’, his second single of 2019, the electronic music superstar joined forces with n Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs (CCARC) 2 Meter Frequency Use Plan - 144. And have been heard in South Africa. Special thanks to Don Arnold W6GPS for taking the time to share with us his experience with the brand new Kenwood TH-D74 D-Star radio.

Use 446. The D-STAR protocols allow simultaneous voice and data use, leading to variations on text messaging, interfaces to the APRS network, and slow-scan TV image transfers, among other uses. If you are visiting Pullman, W7YH monitors the 444. 775 CA Office Emergency Services 151. 32500 154. DMR Repeaters. D-Plus REF038C will also be available for the weekend on W8RTL^^C. w4cue.

5100. 475 +5 103. D-Star utilises repeaters very much like those for 70cm and 2m, but simply using DV instead of FM, these repeaters are then linked to the internet. 00 Mhz with a -12Mhz offset A Sample Method of D-STAR Radio Programming www. Usually linked to the main repeater. 0: tolland : 2007/11/04 ARRL is no longer accepting data for its Repeater Directory directly from state Frequency Coordinators but instead from the publishers of “RF Finder,” an application that is popularly used on “smart phones. gyrogeerloose writes "Citing 'national security concerns,' the French Autorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques et des Postes (ARCEP, France's equivalent of the US's FCC) has ruled that D-Star, an amateur radio digital signal mode used world-wide, is illegal because it ACT ON YOUR INTUITION! 20 of the first 28 days in May have been focused on our lower 3 chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus). Local Simplex Frequencies 1.

D-RATS Net on sewx. 4% are reported operational (green) 87 70cm D-STAR DV Repeaters of which 80. D-Star Repeaters. 160 Office Emergency Services 1 (White) The W8DIG D-Star Repeaters. Memory card. The added benefit of operating at lower power is that your battery life will be extended. Program D-STAR (DV) and FM repeater info to use with the near repeater feature of the radio when Latitude and Longitude are included for that repeater. 9 (sans the 'star') 9.

The K4DSO repeater is a fully configured D-STAR repeater system located southeast of downtown Birmingham, Alabama on Double Oak Mountain. – E indicates PL encode is required for access. D-RATS works as a I spent some time searching the web for information regarding national D-star simplex frequencies. In this case, since both the standard APRS and ISS frequencies are both on the 2 meter VHF band, I have the VFOs or memories both set to VHF or as we say, a VHF/VHF configuration. A Sample Method of D-STAR. k7exj: Sorry to see the roundtable net close. D-STAR channels do not have to be programmed here before being saved to memory. More information is available on the ICOM Web Site.

For more information, contact Kent, KQ4KK This Website by DARA Thursday Night D-RATS is a communications tool that allows stations to communicate via D-STAR radios using low speed data (DV data mode), Packet Radio and the Internet. ) More D*STAR repeater info. D-ATV Training – August 2018; National Night Out – Lyons – 2018; Salute to Sirens – 2018; Packet Training – May 2018; Packet Training – February 18, 2012; Technical. I have added a D-star hot spot access point at my repeater site (near Waterloo, NY). Use your ICOM 9100/7100, or STAR Boarded non ICOM DSTAR HF, or the FLEX 6000 SERIES SDR radios with a 3000 DSTAR USB adapter. W5RRR, the Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club (JSCARC), is on the air as part of the NASA on the Air (NOTA) year-long special event — one of 12 NASA ham club stations participating in the event, which celebrates significant NASA milestones as the agency observes its 60th anniversary. BCARES sponsors a D-STAR net to discuss all things D-STAR related. Here is a list of known HF frequency's used for D-Star.

D-STAR data is frequency-shift keyed with a logic 1 (one) causing a 1. Digital Voice / D-STAR 32 2M D-STAR DV Repeaters of which 84. When is a Star Since no software comes with the DVmega, he pointed me to the Pi-star Digital Voice Software. 500 Simplex 147. Two modules are used for telemetry and telecomand and operate on identical frequencies. Codec2 is a new digital voice codec designed by David Rowe (VK5DGR) to work well on HF’s noisy frequencies as well as on the better-behaved VHF and UHF bands. D-STAR HF DV. We routinely have two way communications coast to coast and North to South, South to Canada, Europe and Australia.

When I got the rig, I tried programming a few repeaters in manually just to see if I could do it. Santa Cruz County. 02 50. Some of them may not be within amateur bands in some countries. We have had two way contacts to Japan. D-Star uses DV Digital Voice rather than FM. This is an open repeater for everyone to use. The Section Traffic Manager for the Northern Florida Section is Tom Housworth KI0JO.

” Fast Food Frequencies Pager Frequencies General NASA Frequencies HF Sitor Frequencies Family 2 Way Radio Frequencies Rail Road F requencies NASCAR Frequencies Global Network Frequencies HF DEA Frequencies Hurricane Frequencies Mystic Star Frequencies New Zealand R&R Frequencies RTTY Frequencies Popular SW Bands Rescue Frequencies Local Amateur Radio Frequencies Popular Amateur Radio frequencies in and around Harford County, MD Harford County, MD 145. 938, 24. 50. D-RATS works as a freq: ofs: st: city: call: mode: code in out: status: county: irlp: echo: links/comments: last update: 145. They are useful in supporting activities in those areas and in an event covering a wider geographical area. Mystic Star frequencies. 5% are reported operational (green) Also 37 2M simplex gateways and 16 70cm simplex gateways. The W8DIG D-Star Repeater system consists of a complete Icom compliment of repeaters.

Richmond’s first digital voice repeater went on the air on January 28, 2008 when the W4FJ analog repeater on 147. 8 Santa Cruz (linked to KI6EH) KI6EH 147. D-Star Amateur Radio Systems, your source for D-Star Digital Amateur Radio NOTICE. 415 FM Simplex Per NARCC Per D-star or analog, a repeater is a repeater and should be placed on frequencies that are already allocated for that purpose. D-STAR. The analog frequencies weren’t too difficult, but D-STAR was a bit more difficult. Today's high pitched frequency (HPF) is in the key of D Sharp (D#). 0 is better.

960, 28. Locally to me, my nearest D-Star repeaters are in Herne Bay (GB7IC) or Orpington (GB7OK) and these don't offer anywhere near complete coverage of the Medway Towns. 940 W4VO repeater has been serving Northwest Georgia for over 45 years. If someone else is already on that frequency, move up or down to find a clear frequency for calling. 11. Frequently used D-STAR commands can be stored in memories for quick and easy recall. 4500, 145. org 145.

W6CX port C is a D-Star repeater operated by the Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club. This article will give you the suggested and recommended simplex frequencies that are set aside for simplex operation and should help you understand how to operate simplex on the upper ham bands Repeater Status: Operational Say hello to San Antonio Texas’ first amateur DMR repeater that also happens to be a D-Star repeater thanks to the MMDVM module. Frequencies: Module DD: 1293. For instance, if you have a government operated FAA Radar Site nearby, which uses 1295 MHz with a +/- 6-MHz bandwidth-- which MUST be protected by all AMATEURS in the area, any frequency near 1295 is definitely out. charlottedstar. 8 GHz processor with Linux operating system and 2 pcs. 520 MHz. All.

UK 3. 250MHz(RO43) (+5MHz shift) JP3YIA Daian-ji, Nara DD:1270. 350MHz(YA43) No Connection to D-STAR Network repeaters JP2YGR Gifu DV:439. 300 UHF repeater (+, PL 103. 0000*, 446. The D-STAR data must be configured this way so the receiving station radio knows when there is a 1 or a 0 in the data. Access point mode - Use an ID-51A PLUS2 radio connected to the Internet through a PC or Android® device, as an Access point. 085 Sig Alerts/OC Access 168.

In fact Pi-Star has become quite complete and will run with just about any board that follows the MMDVM or Multi Mode Digital Voice Modem Belgian hit machine Lost Frequencies has been chalking up a range of impressive collaborations in the past few years, and his new single on Found Frequencies sees him pick up where he left off. You can use another D-STAR radio to send your voice and/or data through the Access point radio, and communicate with D-STAR stations all over the world. 150, 21. North Star frequencies. Feel free to browse around and learn more about our repeaters and club. " D-STAR also has a new open routing system called QuadNet Smart Groups that bridges users together in a similar fashion. There doesn't seem to be a frequency on 440, except perhaps regionally. 14.

This is the home of the WA7DRE affilliated repeater systems located in, and around Spokane, Washington. DSTAR hotspots are also active in Gladstone, Bowen, Mt Isa and Gympie. Welcome to the Okanagan's first D-Star digital repeater. 110 - ct: vernon: w1brs: 77. Icom Software The Icom IC-2820 is right up there with the Kenwood TMD700A as being a swell radio to have. These were initially suggested by the World Organization of the Scout Movement and their Jamboree on the Air organizer. 10. 25 meter / 70cm I've compiled some suggested channels and frequencies to use on these bands Try something new, these frequencies should be stored in every HT or mobile.

Current Repeater Status; Repeater Usage. Allow to, create a complete hotspot D-Star, DMR or C4FM (System Yaesu Fusion) for 2m and 70cm amateur bands, with an output power of 10 mW. The DR Channels are special memories of the radio used for quick manual D-Star setup from the radio’s face. com) and has been on the air since 2006. 750 Cleveland National Forest Fire Dispatch 151. 190 Simplex 145. 0 (off the air at this time). 220 CDF Red (Air-Ground) 151.

has anyone tested D-STAR on HF YET ? if not you can check this out Dstar short wave test on 10 meter to 75 meters, first test with the DV Adapter, First Dstar short wave test on 10 meter to 75 meters first test with the also here is the adapter D-Star DV Adapter Purchase The 2-meter band plan includes two ranges of frequencies for simplex, 146. We have the same issue in Nevada they do not coordinate simplex frequencies. 6125MHz) I appreciate that D-Star shines when you make use of the D-Star repeater systems, but not all areas are covered by D-Star repeaters. 230 2 Meter Simplex Frequencies: Relation to Digital Voice Operations in Northern California 146. 480 223. According to Ray Novak, N9JA, of ICOM Monitor FM Frequencies (Non-Amateur) 162. Repeater Status: Operational Say hello to San Antonio Texas’ first amateur DMR repeater that also happens to be a D-Star repeater thanks to the MMDVM module. may be used.

Digital repeaters using D-STAR technology have been located throughout Alabama and can connect state amateurs together and the outside world via the internet. It's on 446. 6 Recommended for D-STAR DV simplex operations 7 Divided into ten 300kHz channels available for D-STAR DD mode simplex and repeater operations 8 D-STAR DD systems will not be “coordinated” or offered any protection. Florida D-Star amateur radio repeater database for ham repeaters in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The repeater is sponsored by the Birmingham Amateur Radio Club (www. We routinely have two way communications coast to coast and North to South, South to Canada. com and the Repeaterbook app contain only repeater data for the Amateur Radio bands. , with a number of D-STAR pioneers trying out this new ham radio format.

2Ghz band. commonly used as the National D-STAR Simplex Channels and should be used only as. AMBE + chip to allow two digital modes are heard simultaneously or heard and sent. Kenwood’s TH-D74 2m, 220, 440 handie-talkie, supporting multiple modes including FM, D-STAR, and APRS. 520 223. 5000, 446. So program your favorite repeater and try it out for a little bit. D-Star IC-7100 please join the net and follow the frequencies.

D/FW 6-meter, VHF & UHF Nets Dallas / Fort Worth Public Service and Other Frequencies. This culminated in the D-STAR repeaters being tested in mid-October and T-MARC providing the club with the following frequency pairs for use with D-STAR on November 8 The Northern Alberta Radio Club has established a series of D-Star repeaters at its main Club site on the East side of Edmonton. 125MHz(NDDD) JP3YCS Sakyo-ward, Kyoto DV:434. I am not sure if they are 12. Maritime frequencies Family Radio Service Frequencies - new D-STAR Hotspot setup information for amateur radio digital voice using GMSK node adapters; Hams can extend the D-Star network to their QTH using a GMSK modem and an analog FM transceiver -- DStar Hotspots are inexpensive and easy to set up -- if you already have a D-Star radio, just get a GMSK node adapter and follow these simple steps • D-Star: – Repeaters – Reflectors – Radio transmits call sign, name, statement, GPS – Using D-Rats message, and files can be sent to another D-Star user – User can quickly reconfigure repeater to connect to a different Reflector. DV offers incredibly high quality voice communications. Discover the Joy of Amateur Radio The Amateur Radio Service offers a unique mix of public service, technology and experimenting with electronics all with an emphasis on fun. HF D-STAR QSO Finder.

VA7DIG. 550 Lassen National Forest 172. Louis metropolitian area and surrounding areas in Missouri and Illinois The only kinds of lists you can import without software you have to buy are D-STAR repeater lists. Check D*STAR gateway status Register to access gateway D-STAR (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio) is a digital voice and data protocol specification for amateur radio. 0: 77. We have a growing D-STAR network here in Illinois so it seemed like a good idea to have a radio with D-STAR. – Access to D-Star network can be made via DV Dongle™ and DVAP™. Our main repeater operates on 444.

What is D-STAR? D-STAR, which stands for ‘Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio’ is an open digital Amateur radio standard that offers users a number of ways to connect with other users globally via a worldwide network of digital amateur radio repeaters. DMR Simplex. The hotspot is using DVRPTR v1 modem, Raspberry Pi3 and Tait tm8200 radio into a diamond collinear mounted above the roof line of the house. 400 Butte County Sheriff dispatch 154. Video Software K7VE Blog NW Digital HF Net Sked. 000 MHz Frequency (MHz) Usage 144. International DSTAR HF Testing Net. last update: Apr 27, 2019 Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club Fires Up 1950s Vintage Gear for NASA on the Air Special Event.

630, 70. There was some other program you had to purchase (not made by Kenwood) that allows you to import lists of frequencies for analog use. Frequencies utilized by nearby counties are listed below. Alabama amateurs are pioneering D-STAR and is a leader with new digital radio communications technology. 180, 21. Welcome to the Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts amateur radio club web site. D-STAR announcements can be found at the Connecticut D-STAR Group Users Forumin the"Main" subgroup. Details.

The launch, on a Russian Soyuz-STA Fregat-M from Kourou in South America, is expected to take place at 21:02:13 UT on Saturday, April 23, 2016. 450 NOAA Weather Radio (Orange County) 153. The device has a 1. 154. Absolutely ridiculous and the only downside to having this radio. 330, 50. 4 2 Meters Lee Repeater 145. 255 MHz was taken off the air, and an Icom D Star repeater was installed.

Starting Friday, November 30th from 18:00hrs to 19:00hrs CST and every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in December, Father Christmas will be taking ch The NEW RADIO developed by hams as a dual-band, multi-mode radio supporting FM, DMR, D-STAR and C4FM. 12. Welcome to the K8DXA D-Star Repeater Infosite. On May 8th, an article appeared in the ÖVSV by Kurt, OE1KBC, about a new dual-band, multi-mode mobile radio called the “NEW RADIO” that will operate on the 2m & 70cm bands and support the most Frequencies for equal-tempered scale, A 4 = 440 Hz Other tuning choices, A 4 = 432 : 434 : 436 : 438 : 440 : 442 : 444 : 446 : Speed of Sound = 345 m/s = 1130 ft/s The ARRL Repeater directory has all of the information that you are looking for. Please consult your national band plan to confirm these frequencies. 2Ghz as well as high speed data on the 1. It's normally connected to reflector 20A which is located in NJ and is the northeast gateway. 000 through 148.

310 CDF Yellow (Air-Ground) 154. K6BJ 146. Frequency Selector Your Frequency Update Clear. The system was developed in the late 1990s by the Japan Amateur Radio League and uses minimum-shift keying in its packet-based standard. Sharing arrangements; Detailed packet frequencies [PDF] Phone patch, autopatch and HF/VHF/UHF operating guidelines "Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide" 2200 and 600 - meter bands The Heart of Texas Amateur Radio Club is a non profit ham radio club located in Waco, Texas. How to do DSTAR HF Voice over HAM radio. They are using CTCSS so not hearing the others they are causing issues with. D-STAR, DMR and C4FM Repeater Maps.

VERON is the Dutch IARU society. The radio is running under the title "NEW RADIO" and a 2m / 70cm dual band mobile transceiver, which dominates the digital voice modes FM, D-STAR, C4FM and DMR. Ham Nation D-STAR After Show Net’s own Paul – K9PTF is doing a new Father Christmas net this year: FATHER CHRISTMAS NET will be on D-STAR Reflector 58 A (REF058A). Radio amateurs use at least five different and incompatible amateur radio digital voice modes on the VHF/UHF bands, D-STAR, Motorola's DMR, dPMR, Yaesu System Fusion C4FM and FreeDV Of those D-STAR, DMR and C4FM have widespread repeater networks and there is currently one dPMR repeater GB7RR. Yaesu System Fusion Repeaters Repeaterbook. D indicates that the repeater transmits tone and Tone Squelch . You may sort the list by various criteria (like state, frequency, band, etc. It lists suggested simplex channels, the national calling channel, and even has a map of the US showing the channel spacing (15 kHz vs 20 kHz) that is used in each state.

If you are a regular user of any of our repeaters, we are asking you to consider donating to our repeater fund in order to allow us to maintain and However, your hand held(or mobile) D-Star transceiver is quite capable of transmitting over much longer distances so it is important to operate it at as low a power setting as possible and avoid frequencies that may interfere with others. The use of these frequencies for D-Star operation, whether for simplex or repeater inputs, may impact FM simplex and repeater operations and their selection should be carefully considered. As you first un-box your new D-STAR radio, the first thing to do is to make sure that it works on FM. d star frequencies

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