Custom Lasik

What is Custom Lasik?

In the past, LASIK eye surgery was based simply on your prescription: whether you were nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatic, and your degrees of each. However, excellent vision is also dependent on higher-order aberrations - more complicated and personalized visual imperfections that affect the crispness and clarity of your vision. New custom LASIK technology is able to diagnose and treat these visual imperfections like never before. Custom LASIK eye surgery has the same mechanical components of traditional LASIK, but is fully personalized and guided by a detailed Wave front™ map of your eyes.

What is Wavefront Technology?

Wavefront ™ mapping is the technology that makes custom laser eye surgery possible. The Wave front™ LASIK diagnostic tool is able to precisely measure and diagram your eyes’ unique imperfections - so-called higher-order aberrations as well as Myopia, Hyperopia, and/or Astigmatism - so they can be treated during the custom LASIK procedure, improving your quality of vision.

The primary difference between conventional Lasik and Wave front custom Lasik is the mapping system that guides the laser. During a Wave front diagnosis, light is sent into the eye in a specific pattern, and then measured after it has passed through the visual system. Any difference between what goes in and what is measured is considered an aberration. Think of a square grid going in and a wavy grid coming out. The waves represent aberrations. Wave front technology as a diagnostic device is unsurpassed This technology can diagnose and measure aberrations that no other system can even see. Moreover, each eye has its own unique set of aberrations, which can be uniquely measured, mapped and then corrected by laser.

Why opt for Custom Lasik?

Custom LASIK is no different a surgical procedure than standard LASIK which we have been practicing since 1994. The surgical steps and procedure remain exactly the same. The difference lies in the safety of the procedure, the pre operative assessment, the technology of laser delivery on the cornea, the outstanding quality of vision obtained and the virtual elimination of side effects that were common with standard LASIK. In fact, the small minority of LASIK patients who have trouble with night time vision and haloes around lights can also be helped by Custom LASIK.

Benefits of Custom Lasik

  • Greater possibility of achieving better than 20/20 vision.
  • Sharper vision than with standard LASIK.
  • Better visual quality and contrast sensitivity than with standard LASIK.
  • Reduced possibility of night vision disturbances and glare as compared with standard LASIK.
  • Increased possibility to restore best-corrected vision if healing problems develop. We at Blink are proud to have with us one of the latest and fastest excimer lasers now. It has been our honor and our privilege at having treated many eminent personalities, industrialists, politicians, dignitaries etc.