See The Change...

For millions of people who have been wearing glasses for decades and thousands of teenagers trying to cope up with the process of using contact lenses, LASIK is truly the best option. This cosmetic procedure uses a laser to correct your vision, in a matter of minutes! The most important aspect of this procedure is that it not only improves the vision but also improves the overall personality and quality of life.

There are vast majority of people who have got rid of their glasses after a successful LASIK procedure and are completely satisfied with the results. Research also states that the daily routine and quality of life is improved considerably for most of the patients who undergo LASIK.

Many sport enthusiasts in recent times have been able to discard their contact lenses or glasses after Laser vision correction and have joined the professional league.

Some of the most important benefits of LASIK include:

  • 89% of patients could see the alarm clock on waking up, without glasses.
  • 83% felt a sense of freedom from glasses and contact lenses.
  • 79% felt considerable improvement in personal safety as glasses hindered vision.
  • 75% felt that post LASIK; they had regained their lost confidence, especially where personal appearance was concerned.
  • 74% felt they were able to participate in sports and fitness activities, which was not possible earlier.


Aftab Shivdasani

Managing contact lenses was a nightmare while working on overnight shoots and crazy schedules. Getting the LASIK procedure at Blink has probably been my best career decision so far. It has worked miraculously for me!

Minissha Lamba

The LASIK procedure at Blink was so easy… just like touch-n-go! The whole procedure was done in just 10 minutes! It was simple... Now, I feel beautiful all the time!